Help yourself, train your brain!


Tired, depressed, worn out, stressed, and sick and tired of feeling lousy?"


Clear your mind, feel better faster with Neurofeedback.

Brain training will help you get your life back to where you want it.



By studying the EEG, the QEEG report, and training the brain improvements can be accomplished in mood,

 motivation, attention, cognitive functioning and a general feeling of well being.


QEEG INFO offers EEG/QEEG (brain mapping) training in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Offices are in North Atlanta and Gainesville, Georgia.


Using QEEG adds a significant dimension of information

only available by reviewing actual brain performance.


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The brain is an elegant organ weighing approximately 3.5 pounds. It consumes 60% of the glucose produced in the body. 

This makes the brain a "large energy consumer." It functions by chemicals and electrical activity. If you take a pill of some type, this effects the chemistry. 

If you change the electrical activity, the chemistry is changed. In most cognitive, behavioral, mood, or movement issues the dysfunction can be seen in the 

brain's EEG. The brain's electrical activity is known brain waves.



This is a view of those "wiggly EEG lines" that are the brain's electrical activity. Ordinarily the lines appear somewhat organized and regular. 

In this view, there are some irregular waves.



QEEG REPORT FROM NEUROGUIDE an FDA compliant product from   http://appliedneuroscience.com

This is a graphical view of brain waves of examining the qualities of  brain operational efficiency. 

The red indicates TOO high a level of activity (voltage) on the right side following a blow to the head. 

This indicates this region of the brain is not functioning effectively and in a normal manner.







Dr. Bright uses the very latest scientific information and equipment to train the brain. Training the brain might be thought of as a "brain tune-up." 

The tune-up process is pleasant and enjoyable. When the "tuning" is complete, the person functions more effectively and has a more relaxed nature.

After a tune-up, many people experience finding better solutions  to the evitable bumps in life.


Talking about issues and problems that occur in life is important. Through talking about problems we gain insight, perspective, 

confidence to deal with the everyday stresses and the bigger life issues that we encounter across the years.


By combining talking and neurofeedback, a large advantage develops with this powerful combination. 

As the brain  functions more efficiently and more quietly, ideas and resources emerge that become new and more effective ways of living.



When study of the EEG and the QEEG report have been completed, we know where and how to train the brain. 

Through an automatic process,  brain wave patterns can be changed.  When the patterns are changed, 

cognitive behavior such as concentration is improved. Changing the patterns also changes behavioral pattern, mood, and movement issues.



Dr. Grant Bright, Ph.D., LPC, has 17 years of  experience in the field of EEG recording and QEEG analysis and interpretation. 

He uses that knowledge to make decisions in doing Neurofeedback.

He has a limited number of appointments available to do counseling and neurofeedback in his office in Atlanta, Georgia. 


During the past 17 years, he has trained over 250 clinicians from several disciplines in 24 states, several provinces of Canada, 

Mexico, and Spain. He has frequently held professional workshops during major professional conferences.

He has presented several papers demonstrating the efficacy of EEG analysis using advanced statistical methods 

and of several modalities of QEEG based Neurofeedback training.


Dr. Grant Bright began his career in counseling psychology, but became interested in EEG  beginning study in 1989. 

Presently he brings to the field 17 years experience in Neurofeedback and many years experience in counseling. 

Having an electronics background, makes the technical nature of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback easy for him to use and explain.  

He is board certified in NeuroFeedback, and is a licensed, practicing psychotherapist.


In his post-doctoral studies, he has studied with Dr. E. Roy John, Dr. Robert Thatcher, Dr. D. Cory Hammond,  Dr. Barry Stearman, 

Dr. John Hughes, Dr. Carl Pribam, and other significant researchers, including Dr. Roberto Paschual Marqui. 

In the past 17 years he has completed more than 1000 hours of professional development seminars in the areas of EEG, QEEG, Neurofeedback, and Psychotherapy.


After considerable study in Biofeedback, a strong interest in EEG and EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) emerged as his primary interest. 

A decided passion is continuing to research and find new procedures for studying EEG, QEEG, and  brain training. 

This passion has enabled Dr. Bright to assist other professionals to gain more knowledge of the technology, pursuing more EEG knowledge, 

and developing more clinical applications. He is known for using “plain words” as he teaches clinical applications.


Dr. Bright has reviewed and/or recorded over 4800 EEGs since 1997. His familiarity with reading EEG, using data bases, and making prioritized 

clinical training decisions has made him a popular speaker and trainer. During the past five years, Dr. Bright has held training in over 57 clinics across the USA, 

Canada, Mexico, and Spain.


Recording  EEG and producing QEEG reports enables professionals to relate behavior directly to brain function/dysfunction. 

When brain dysfunction is identified, the brain can be trained to regain a high degree of functionality without the use of 

behavior modifying pharmaceuticals AND THEIR MULTIPLE SIDE EFFECTS.


Contact information:

Telephone:(678) 400-2260

Email to drgrantbright <at> att <dot> net